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RECHARGE CARD PRINTING In Nigeria- We have millions of telephone users in Nigeria and the world in general and Recharge cards voucher printing business will extend to grow broad and every day demand for these cards and vouchers will extend to boost and the very simple cause why more foreign/international enterprise investors extend to put big interest in the gigantic Nigerian telecommunication market in the country with the newest shareholder being MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT.

This telecom market is still increasing and will evolve to become part of human reality. The interpretation is because the enterprise has arrive to stay with the capability to produce millions of fund from Nigerians who will not do without recharging their teletelephones to attach with people (friends, family, business etc) for distinct reasons.

As of today, numerous people grin to their banks because of the several possibilities that telecom has thrown up. Even though numerous of these possibilities were previously reserved for the big-time foreign investors, but these days, it has trickled down and can now be tapped into by serious, well-informed, little investors in Nigeria or any part of the world.

Do you Know That:

  • You can Learn How to generate the recharge voucher PIN by yourself at a cheaper rate than others.
  • With Just N10,000 you can start off.
  • Print Vouchers and PIN from any network
  • You can Do the Business Part Time or full time
  • You can be a wholesaler and sell to other smaller retailers
  • These Secrets Have Never Been Revealed Before!!!


What Do You Need to Start?

- At least N10,000

- Access to a computer (doesn’t have to be your own)

- Free Software

- Internet access (only when you need to print)

- If you don’t have the above you can still buy PINS from a dealer

How Much Can You Make From Recharge Printing Business?

This business is a business of numbers and volume. On Each Card you Print, you can make between N5 to N10 Profit. This means that the money you will make is only limited to how many cards you can generate. .

The amount of profit that you make depends on the capital that you are willing to invest. You can start the business with as low as N5,000 to N10,000, however the more capital you have to invest, the more profit you will make. Depending on how many vouchers you can buy and how well you can distribute and market them, you can be making between N50,000 and N150,000 within a short period.

YOU ONLY NEED THE FOLLOWING TO START Recharge card printing business
1.   Computer- Not compulsory, you can use business center or cafe to start (any computer, laptop/desktop/notebook)
2.   Printer- Not compulsory (any printer, deskjet/laserjet)
3.   Papers- Compulsory (any paper A3/A4)
4.   Software- Compulsory (any recharge card software, like the one that we have for you)
5.   Internet connection– Not compulsory (any internet connection that can open your mail inbox)
6.   Start up capital- compulsory (minimum of N5, 000 or N10, 000 only)
7.   E-mail address- Compulsory (any mail address, yahoo/gmail/hotmail)

We have put together a package which will most definitely help you start your own recharge card printing business from scratch and run it with success.

Things you will get in this package:

1. A free Recharge Card Printing Software

2. A manual, a user guide with image illustrations to help you use the software

 3. List of major recharge pin dealers (their addresses and phone numbers)

4. Promoting ideas and insight to help you succeed in the Business.

5. How to create your Recharge Card Printing  Business Name and Address on every Recharge Card Voucher you make.

6. How to reprint a used recharge card and many additional.

This recharge card printing business package is worth N4,000 but i will be giving it out here for simply N2.500, yes, N2.500 only

IT IS significant YOU rush NOW AND PLACE YOUR order. If banks could be interested in having a share of this lucrative enterprise, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

To order, you have to pay N2,500 to the account below:

Bank Name – UBA  Bank PLC

Account title – Innocent Gideon Chapatti

Account number – 2043559848

After payment, you will have to send a text to 07034905819 about your fee minutia and your email address where the recharge card manual and a software attached to it will be sent to you. Once your fee is verified, you will get your package as shortly as possible, it will sent right into your email inbox.

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