Highest Paid Presidents In The World 2013

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Highest Paid Presidents In The World 2013- Below are the names of the most paid presidents in the world…The financial recession has strike one and all, salary cuts and pink slips have taken their toll on the common man. leaders, major Ministers are no exclusion. Most of the heads have slash down on their wages or are planning to do so in the beside future. permits take a gaze at what the heads of peak nations are earning.

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore
(Country GDP: $235.6 billion – 2008)

political leaders in Singapore are amongst the most highly paid government agents in the world. Lee Hsien Loong, major Minister of Singapore earns five times more than the American leader. Lee Hsien Loong takes an annual wages of $2.46 million.

Barack Obama, USA
(Country GDP: $13.81 trillion – 2007)

Second on the register is the President of the biggest finances of the world with a GDP of $13.81 trillion (2007). President vote into office, Barack Obama will be getting an annual wages of $400,000 when he connects office next year.

Kevin Rudd, Australia
(Country GDP: $773 billion – 2007)

Third on the list is the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd with an annual wages of $330,300.

Angela Merkel, Germany
(Country GDP: $2.585 trillion – 2006)

The first woman chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel receives an annual wages of € 242,000 (€ 22000 bonus included) ~ $ 307,340.

Nicolas Sarkozy, France
(Country GDP: $1.871 trillion – 2006)

The French leader, Nicolas Sarkozy gets an annual wages of € 240,000 ~ $ 304,800. This is after he increase two-fold his wages previous this year.

Stephen Harper, Canada
(Country GDP: $1.274 trillion – 2007)

Stephen Harper, major Minister of the seventh biggest finances of the world, Canada recieves an annual wages of $280,000.

Gordon Brown, UK
(Country GDP: $2.772 trillion – 2007)

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the second large-scale economy in Europe and fifth biggest in the world obtains an annual wages of € 187611 ~ $238,266.

Vladimir Putin, Russia

(Country GDP: $2.076 trillion -2007)

The Russian Prime Minister recieve an annual wages of $81,190, which is significantly less than his counterparts.

 Highest Paid Presidents In The World 2013

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